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Interview: “Readers are better Writers”says a Young Woman Author Nompumelelo Gcaba

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name Is Nompumelelo Gcaba(27), I am original from South Africa. I am a writer; I am a book blogger at I am a founder and Chairlady of Virtuous Women Book Club, functioning in South Africa. I work for Growth Network as Head of Publishers. I love travelling and enjoy networking.

I am an author of Hidden treasures of the Cross and Change Your Mind-set. And I have co-written a book with Ghanaian author book title ‘The manifestation of glorious destiny’. I am currently working with American writer on a new book coming out this year.

I am coffee taster, I do travel around Africa and tasting different coffee beans. I seek high quality coffee beans, and I will not stop until I travel to the deep areas of Africa and locate them.

What are you passionate about in life?

I am passionate about reading books, writing books and donating books. I regard myself as a book drunkard. Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them.
I am passionated about writing because it a vocation first and I just can’t live without telling my story to this and next generation.
I run a book club that gives away books to NGOs and NPOs. We are currently donating books to Idea Africa in Accra Ghana and Music For Girls Iniatiave Africa in Sierra Leone. We need to remember to be selfless in serving others. My favourite quote ‘It is not the sacrifice that recommends the heart, but it is the heart which gives the sacrifices acceptance.’

What do you contribute in your community?

Many people are trapped in places that no longer serve them, others what to leave but scared to move away from a place of familiar, others are ready for change but don’t know how to break those bad habits. With this book ‘change your mindset’ I believe that battle are won and defeated in the mind first. No one that can talk you out of doing anything great expect yourself. This book will teach one how to monitor inner conversation. And also virtuous Women book club is also there to empower young women to rise above their current challenges.

You mentioned that you are an Author,can you tell us about your books?

I have published two books. First book titled Hidden Treasures of the Cross, it discusses what the cross signifies, what self denial denotes, what it means to take up the cross, and to where we are following Jesus with it.
My second book is titled Change Your Mindset
It is a book written to reach readers from all backgrounds, showing individual how a wounded mind can be transformed when one changes her mind set. Born from my own experience, this is a very personal and life changing message. It will challenge a reader to move to the place of growth. In this book I write ‘We can never be more than who we think we are, we rise in life because we think high of ourselves.

What are your three(3) favourite books and what you learnt from them?

* The Resolution of women by Priscilla Shirer. It teaches one how to champion God’s model for womanhood in the face of a post feminist culture. And how to live as a woman answerable to God’s and faithfully committed to His Word.
*Unleash Your Potential by Myles Munroe, he gives a reader guides to unleash and live your full potential.
*The Art of War by Sun Tzu teaches how to master the art of war in anything you do in life.

Who is your Rolemodel and Why have you choosen Him/Her?

I don’t have a single person who I can regard as my role model. I am a product of different people who have influenced my life, who comes from different walks of life. My mother is one of people who I admire a lot for the strength she possess.

What can you advise young people aspiring to be writers?

I always say I have an authority from life to tell my story. Readers are better writers, keep on reading. Secondly don’t stop writing and don’t be afraid to tell your story and lastly: Be Bold; Be Strong; Be Courageous

What positive trait do you have anyone can learn from you?

My mother always tell me if you don’t quit, you will win. I am a very resilient person. I chase my dreams with everything I have got. I am a very passionate person. I believe that one of qualities you will learn from me.

It was my pleasure having you Gcaba,Thank you

Welcome Claudine

You can find Nompumelelo Gcaba on Social Media:

Facebook: Nompumelelo Afrika Gcaba
Instagram: Mpume_Afrika



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