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Peace begins When…

I Look through the twinkle of your eyes

which sparkle for only Love

Waving you my “Hello” expecting that constructive reply

even waiting for the tight hug of warmth.

I treat you with humanity,not discerning who you are

And i accept our differences ,atleast help you liss your pains and scars.

I embrace our diversity&variety

Because i have never seen conflicts leading to victory
but only welcomes grudges and poverty

where people wone for massive cruelty.

I do not judge you,shaming you with names,
admitting that we were born with different heights

but we share the same human rights.

I see you as a neighbour whom we share the same fence

not the one we argue until violence

but a Home which welcomes God’s Providence.

I respect your values and norms and yet your choices

for that i let you enjoy the bliss of your rejoices.

Peace only begins first with yourself, with little things we do everyday throughout Life.



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